How to know about how many sim is activated on your adhar number

So all are known about known about there are some retailer are ripper or thief they told us that we are register only one sim on Adhar card but in reality they register many sim in our Adhar number so from being known about the information that how many sim are activated on your Adhar number is a complicated way because no sim-card service provider will not share the information about your activation or they will not share any information about your activation or will not share information about how many sim card are activated on your Adhar number due to their privacy but i have a simple way to get that information about the activation and can deactivate the unauthorized sim card that are being activated on your Adhar or simple you can call them and say them to move the document from your to their document or simple you can deactivate the unauthorized form there was an fraud happened with me so i thought that i will share the trick i used to track the information so no need to download any type of software anything  like root or anything you just need some basic knowledge to complete the step so you need your Adhar card number and one android phone That's all you are done to find how many Sim-card are register on your Adhar Number.....


Most Of company are not provides the information about anything because of their company policy and security reason But you have to know the details so the Basic method i am sharing today that how can you find the Information are hide so Below I am providing the trick that how can you get or extract information to get your data that you need...But Some Network provider like-JIO,BSNL can provide any information regarding your Adhar-card if you claim that you are the owner they might be provides but in some situation they will deny your request and i am telling the method here that you can get the method that can blow your mind and can get any type of information about sim and also you can close the sim card complaining in their hub or contact by police if they deny to close then you can help from police to close all the fake sim are register in your number... 


All sim card company are not give any type of information to anyone even if you claim that the adhar card number is i made the trick to how you can you find how many number are register in Adhar number so you need a smart phone and go to play-store and Download Myjio if you have Jio sim and If you have Bnsl sim then download Bsnl sim then you are set for  get the information about adhar register Number.. you can Close the sim.i am sharing the step to extract information and also can block all the sim card block all fake sim so Here Is the Trick how can You find the Information to close all fake number that are register in your Adhar....Follow The Step to get the Information...

             Follow The simple Step To Extract Information From your Adhar Card number 

  • First Go to Play-store and Downlaod Myjio If you have Jio sim or You can Download Bsnl app If you Have Bsnl Sim..Then Login your account By otp in your application
  • Then There you can find your personal Sim Information and There is a Option Containing Add account option
  • Click on add account Option and by the option There you can find all the Number all are register on your Adhar number if you will find some unwanted number you can call them and ask them to close from themselves
  • From there you can find the option to get all Information About the unwanted Number and if you find any unwanted number..
  • Then call to the Particular number and then ask them how he/she using your document attach number and say them to block all the number by saying that the document is in your number
  • If they Deny to Block Then go to police station then complain against about the fake sim they will take action to block the number if they are not taking action
  • Then go to Twitter Handel and complain against the particular sim company and also Adhar authority udai and tag them attach there the proof of the fake thing
  • i am sure twitter will help there to take action the particular sim company for fraud alligation  
From last Don't Give any crucial information to anyone form now and when you go for sim card purchase attention any time so that they can't fraud......Lastly be safe and Don't provides any security Related information to anyone.... 

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