How to get amazon prime 6 month trail account by edu mail

   How to get amazon prime 6 month trail account By edu mail
In this trick i will share the latest method to get free prime account and also prime video account for 6 in free by this method you can enjoy 6 month amazon prime video account and as well as prime account by this trick from beginning i will like to share the method edu mail trick because in this method we will use the edu mail or education mail to get prime 6 month free trial so before beginning you have to create edu mail then this trick will work for without edu mail amazon prime account for 6 month is not possible so before trying this trick you need a education mail so if you have a edu mail then it's ok if you don't have then i am sharing this link-Click Here.there i shared the trick how to create the mail.if you don't have mail then go to this link and at first create a mail id then you can apply this trick to create new account..

How do I get an edu email?
people ask many times that how can i get edu mail so don't worry about that in my previous post i shared the method that how can you get free edu mail here is the trick to get edu mail for by edu mail you can get free paid software for student and many things that are paid for other but you can gte all this stuff in free basically those stuff are free for student but you can grab it by mail so no need to worry about that how can we get mail just-Click Here. and you will be redirect to my trcik there you will find the method that will help how can i create it free 
How do I get Amazon Prime free for 6 months?
In this trick i will share the latest method that will help for you that you can create amazon prime free for 6 moth so don'ty just read all the above the method and apply all method to get amazon prime free for 6 month before starting the trick all you know about how to create edu mail and then you can processed towards the method so you need some basic knowledge about creation and here we go to creation step....
What exactly do you get with Amazon Prime?
By amazon prime you can get your product deliver in just 2-3 days because by amazon prime you can get your product faster than normal account and also some other advantages that gives amazon to their amazon prime user here
-Amazon prime user can watch free amazon show                                  
-Amazon prime user will get their product faster in just 2 days 
-Amazon costumer will help you faster rather than normal user                              
 -Amazon prime user will get best and more offer than normal user                                   
-Amazon prime User can listen free music by amazon music                                 
 -User will get some extra Advantages than normal user
                                    Note-Only for education user only and educational purpose only
                                 LE'TS GET START
1.First you need a edu mail for this trick so after creating edu if you don't have edu mail then click on here to create mail- Click Here.

2.After creation mail or you have done this process then  just go to the amazon prime 6 month trail page here-Click here

3.Then click on "Start your 6 month trail"then it will redirect to you signup page there click on create account and create account by edu mail.

4.Then it will ask for for college information like:-
                         -College Name
                         -Year of completion
                         -College Mail(Your edu mail)
                         -All college Information.
Fill all the information and click on submit then it will ask for your Payment Information so Don't worry you don't need to fill your card details or anything so you just need to follow some extra step to fulfill it

5.After it ask for card details just got ccgen or search in google ccgen then click on first option and put BIN for cc-generate BIN is-549627 then it will generate fake card don't worry these card are fake or invalid so you can try at education purpose only 

6.Put any one card details then it will ask for Billing Address main trick is here-Put any Indian Address fro use this account In India If you want to Use the account in US then you Can put any us address

7.After Filling The Billing Address click on submit button and Boom Your account is created successfully.

8.After account Creation Go to the Prime Official website for Change the location for watch prime video in India with Indian content.

9.So Go to the Prime Official website here-Click Here then login that account and scroll down and in location setting select INDIA and click on update and done Download amazon prime app and login and enjoy..... 

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